About Yarnistas

As a self-taught knitter and crocheter I have felt the urge to give back what I’ve learnt in my journey with yarn, adding a pinch of my aesthetic perception and a dash of my love. If only I could be the reason why a new knitter or crocheter was born… I would have paid my debt to the yarn community… at least that’s what I want to believe.

It has been since I watched my grandmother crocheting this spidery yarn with her eyes closed and her hands moving in the speed of light or the wool thread behind her neck and the knitting needles as a natural extension of her hands, while she was telling me stories about her as a child, that I actually fell in love with yarn. She actually taught me how to cast on, knit and purl when I was around 10, but that was it. All those years I snuggled in the blankets she crocheted for me and wore her knits, but it was only when I found her knitting needles, after she passed away, that I revisited the knitting craft.

With my grandmother’s old tools and the fading memory of knit and purl I made a scarf for my older son three years ago. I haven’t stopped since. I used the wisdom and the online tutorials of the great knitting and crochet bloggers out there and taught myself advanced knitting techniques as well as how to crochet from scratch. Now I run this blog and a small Etsy Shop from my bedroom!