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Crochet Heart Motif and 3 Valentine's Day DIY Ideas

Hello! Hello!

Between family, household work and lots of life matters revisiting I saved some time for your February free quickie!

Have fun making these crochet hearts in all colours and sizes and use them for fun projects. Here’s a free quick and easy pattern for you as well as some creative ideas for Valentine’s day.

Have a great time and may our life be full of LOVE!


For the heart motif you will need

  • Yarn: worsted group C and/or chunky group E
  • Hooks N.4 (US G/6) and N.8 (US L/11) relatively
  • Darning needle
  • Scissors
  • Metal Beads (provisional)


  • ch.: chain
  • st.: stitch
  • dc.: double crochet
  • tr. cr.: triple crochet
  • slip stitch

The Pattern

Note: All stitches are worked in the same starting chain.

  • Ch.4 leaving a long tail (approximately 20cm/8in)
  • Make 4 in 3rd ch. from hook.
  • Make 3 dc
  • Ch.1
  • Make 1 (it forms the heart’s bottom)
  • Ch.1
  • Make 3 dc
  • Make 4
  • Ch.3
  • Sl.St. (in the starting ch. that now forms the center of the heart)

Cut the yarn leaving a long tail (approximately 20cm/8in). You will need the long tails for the craft ideas that follow. If you want to just keep the heart motifs, weave the tails to secure and cut the excess yarn.

Idea #1

Valentine cards

Use the crochet heart motifs to make your own valentine cards

You will need:
  • Crochet Heart Motifs in various sizes and/or colours
  • Cardboards
  • Beads
  • Hot glue gun

Cut your cardboards in the desired size (make sure the heart or hearts and cardboard are in harmony before you cut or glue anything).

Attach the heart on the card with the hot glue gun.

Write your message, kiss and LOVE!

Idea #2

Heart Bookmarks

Remeber the long tails you have left??? Well now you will use them for your bookmarks.
Take the darning needle and pull both tails through it. Weave the tails through the back of the heart so that they hang from the bottom of the heart. If you like you can attach the metal beads now. Secure them with simple knots where you want to place them and you are all done!


Idea #3

The Necklace

Using your darning needle pull both the long tails through the top of the heart. Make a simple knot and using the needle pull a metal bead through.

Tie the tails’ ends together to form the necklace. The fanciest the yarn you use the better the result!

Choose a shiny or silky yarn and shiny beads! I prefer wearing more than one hearts together!

Happy Crocheting! Happy Crafting!

Don’t forget to show me your project using official #yarnistas_handmade_yarn_projects

Love and Greetings from Athens, Greece!


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