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Jute Crochet Basket

One Skein Crochet Project

Hello yarn lovers and welcome back.
I’ so glad to share a really quick and easy stylish project today.

Launching a yarn related blog in Spring can be quite a challenge, at least for the north hemisphere. We all happily embrace the warm sunshine and as genuine optimists dream of blue seas and white, light, linen clothing.

So, I have been quite troubled about what this post would be about. Knitting or crochet? An idea, a project, a technique or a pattern? Well, I finally decided that a jute crochet basket would be ideal. Jute is a unique natural fibre that results in this beautiful chunky rope I used for this project. Use it for rugs and mats, coasters, potholders, market bags and baskets and you will love the result. Jute exudes a sense of nature and freshness thus, being perfect for a quick spring project. Did I forget to mention it is an eco-friendly, vegan yarn??? Oh, yes, it is! Last but not least, you will only need one skein of jute (approximately 50 metres) and 2 hours of your precious time.

I hope you enjoy your project. If so, please give some time to like and share! For a printable pdf version of my pattern or a finished product please visit my Etsy Shop. This way you can support my blog and more free content. Thank you for visiting!

But let us get started.

The basket is 18cm/7in wide and 10cm/4in tall.

For the basket I used Hooked Natural Jute (100% Natural Jute yarn):
– 1 skein in Lush Petrol
– A size 12mm (US17) hook
– A stitch marker
– A large tapestry needle
– A pair of scissors

and… a rich hand cream to use after, since jute may be a bit rough to your hands ?.

Pattern Notes
The basket is worked in spiral without joining at the end of each round. This gives a neat and seamless result.  The pattern follows US terms.

Abbreviations (US Terms)
MC – Magic Circle
SC – Single Crochet
Sl St(s) – Slip Stitch(es)
St – Stitch
Ch – Chain
SM – Stitch Marker

Start with a Magic Circle (MC)

Round 1:
8 SC into the MC, do not join (8 SC)

Round 2:
SC in the first SC of the MC and place your marker, SC in the same St, 2 SC in each St around until you meet your marker (16 SC)

Round 3:
Remove your marker, 1 SC, place your marker and SC in the same St, SC in the next St, *2 SC in next St, 1 SC in next St* repeat from * until you meet your marker, the round ends with a SC (24 SC)

Round 4:
Remove your marker, 1 SC, place your marker and SC in the same St, SC in the next 2 Sts, *2 SC in next St, 1 SC in next 2 Sts* repeat from * until you meet your marker, the round ends with a SC (32 SC)

Round 5:
Remove your marker, Skip next St, Sl St in next St and Ch 1.

In this round we work in the back loop of the SC of the previous round.

1 SC in the next St, place your marker and SC all around (32 SC).

This round with the Sl St, Ch1 and SC in the back loop only, will give the basket its shape, separating the bottom from the basket wall. Make sure to keep an even tension while crocheting and pull tight.

Round 6:
Remove your marker, 1 SC in next St, place your marker and SC all around (32 SC)

Round 7-9:
Repeat Round 6

Round 10:
Skip the St where the marker is and Sl St in the next St, place marker, Sl St all around (32 Sl Sts)

Cut the yarn and weave in the ends.

The Sl St round gives your basket a beautiful edging that narrows a bit on the top and makes the basket look like a bowl.

Make one for every colour available!

I really hope you enjoy making this quick and easy crochet project!

Don’t forget to show me your project using official #yarnistas_handmade_yarn_projects

Happy Crocheting!

Love and Greetings from Athens, Greece!


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