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Mondrian Inspired Knit Blanket

A Modern Wool Blanket

If you have read my previous post you already know how much I am into art and math, if not, you know now. This project uses three rectangles and an analogy to form the blanket, while the inspiration came from a Mondrian painting of grey rectangles that meet in dark and light joints.

It’s been after long and tough work that I’ve been able to share the pattern for my most precious and favorite project to date. It is precious because it’s the very first project I conceived and designed myself. It is my favorite because this blanket sparked “Yarnistas”.

In a few words, minimal, modern design using simple techniques of knitting and premium materials.

I strongly recommend that even if you are a beginner knitter or crocheter, you work with premium materials. Your time and effort is precious so wouldn’t you rather choose to make quality, yet affordable choices? I hope you enjoy your project. If so, please give some time to like and share! For a printable pdf version of my pattern please visit my Etsy Shop. This way you can support my blog and more free content. Thank you for visiting!

Happy Knitting!

Mondrian Blanket Free Knitting Pattern

The blanket is 135cm/53in wide and 165cm/65in long

For the blanket I used Drops Polaris (100% wool):
– 15 skeins in Dark Grey (N.03),
– 10 skeins in Light Grey (N.04) and
– 10 skeins in Off White (N.21).
Of course you can use any yarn you like given that it fits the gauge below.
– A pair of size 12mm (US17) circular needles with a 150cm/60in cable.

13 stitches and 13 rows in garter stitch give a 10cm*10cm (4in*4in) gauge. This may vary a bit according to how loose or tight is your knitting.

Pattern Notes
The pattern is using the log cabin technique and is written in US terms. The blanket consists of three colour blocks. For my first block (80 rows) I used the light grey yarn and changed to the dark grey for the next 136 rows (second block). To finish the blanket I turned my project 90 degrees and raised 110 stitches with the off white yarn.

With the Light Grey yarn cast on 70 stitches and knit in garter stitch until 60cm/23in long. It took me 80 rows (40 ridges), but it might take you a bit more or less according to your knitting tension. It actually doesn’t really matter for this pattern. Just make sure you keep the analogy.
Now change to Dark Grey and knit until 105cm/41in long (a total of 165cm/65in). Again it might be a bit longer or shorter according to your knitting tension. Bind off and weave in the ends.
Facing the Wrong Side (WS) Pick Up (PU) 110 stitches with your Off White yarn really loosely! You don’t want your grey blocks to curl. Knit to the end of the row. Make sure that this is your wrong side, otherwise the colour change will be seen. Knit until the Off White block measures 30cm/12in (about 38 rows). Bind off and weave in the ends.

I hope you enjoy making this blanket and that you find my pattern helpful.
Please feel free to use #yarnistas_handmade_yarn_projects to show me your work on Instagram.
Good luck making your own and snuggle underneath the fluffy and cozy texture of this extra warm blanket in style!

Love and Greetings from Athens, Greece !


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