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A quick introduction to me and Yarnistas

Hello and welcome to my Blog.
I am Konstantina and you are reading my first blog post ever! I am a yarn enthousiast who loves to crochet and knit, indulges in all DIY, craft or garden related projects and reads. I live in Piraeus, Greece with my husband and our two sons. My husband is a keen photographer and many photos used in this blog are his work.

As a self-taught knitter and crocheter I have felt the urge to give back what I’ve learnt in my journey with yarn, adding a pinch of my aesthetic perception and a dash of my love. If only I could be the reason why a new knitter or crocheter was born… I would have paid my debt to the yarn community… at least that’s what I want to believe ?.

It has been since I watched my grandmother crocheting this spidery yarn with her eyes closed and her hands moving in the speed of light or the wool thread behind her neck and the knitting needles as a natural extension of her hands, while she was telling me stories about her as a child, that I actually fell in love with yarn. She actually taught me how to cast on, knit and purl when I was around 10, but that was it. All those years I snuggled in the blankets she crocheted for me and wore her knits, but it was only when I found her knitting needles, after she passed away, that I revisited the knitting craft.

With my grandmother’s old tools and the fading memory of knit and purl I made a scarf for my older son three years ago. I haven’t stopped since. I used the wisdom and the online tutorials of the great knitting and crochet bloggers out there and taught myself advanced knitting techniques as well as how to crochet from scratch. Now I run this blog and a small Etsy Shop from my bedroom!

This blog is my attempt to establish a fresh, minimalistic and evolving relationship between yarn, geometry and modern aesthetics. My projects are inspired either by contemporary art and design or by nature. The colours and textures I choose are plain and simple. This minimalistic approach to the ancient crafts of knitting and crocheting is my view and contribution to the yarn arts community.

Thus, my project design cycle follows 4 stages: Inspiration, colour selection, yarn selection and shape.

Inspiration usually stems from art and/or nature. Being an economist and working as a business consultant never really put out the artistic flame inside me. I love artists, I want to be one of them, I want to be friends with them…no I’m not a stalker… (at least I think so).  Well since yarn is the only material my rough hands can handle, here I am, trying to create my own yarn “art”. And believe me, I know I will be outperformed, but I don’t mind. I do what I love and I try to get better and better with work, work and work… (am I right Senior Picasso?).

And then, there is nature. The ultimate inspiration! I live in the city, deprived of nature’s beauty and catharsis. However, I’m privileged to a beautiful country house in the mountains of the Peloponnese, where I can always connect to my roots and nature at its best. I promise I will share a lot of the beauty I grew up in.

Colours: I’m a black and white person myself, and for those who know me, not only on the outside… but I genuinely love colours. All colours nature lavishly gives us! And those colour combinations! Such perfection! Living in Greece, with the abundant sunshine, keeps my colour appetite full. Blue sea and sky, green and brown trees and fields, red geraniums and yellow daisies in terracotta pots, colourful fruit and vegetables all year long, purple grapes and silver oil trees, grey sage and thyme, well, all I need is my eyes! How can I compete this palette, so yes, I choose black and white to blend in.

But when it comes to yarn, then it’s all about colour and texture. I love yarn, I want it all. I want it soft and fluffy and I want it in my hands. Even tangled yarn. I love untangling it because I can hold to it longer (ok I know, clinical). My love for yarn and the art of spinning it and dying it has led me to good quality yarn only. I choose yarn of premium quality for my projects. The “Yarnistas” time is too precious to be wasted in mediocre quality. And please don’t let me be misunderstood; good quality is not always pricey but it certainly is priceless. So, keep your eyes open for yarn sales and stock up!

And finally shape: Both my parents where mathematicians, so, it would not be an exaggeration to say that geometry is in my blood. My relationship with geometry and math is obvious in all aspects of my life, from the patterns on the fabrics I wear to my library and my obsession with math literature (please let me know if there is any novel or biography you recommend). Since my life is mathematically arranged, my projects are too. My designs usually are compilations of shapes, obey in strict analogies and love symmetry. My posts in this blog will be also tagged with the shape of the project, as the rectangles become round cowls and beanies, the squares become baskets, the circles become handbags and the triangles turn into scarfs and shawls.

My projects’ cycle rounds up in one word, one place, one mathematical constant: Greece.

A country full of inspiration, colours, yarn tradition and geometry: my country.

So, dear readers, please come along and share my love for beauty and harmony while we enjoy our favourite yarn hobby.

Love and Greetings from Athens, Greece !


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