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A Spring Wreath: The Ultimate Scrap Buster

Hello and welcome back!

Spring has sprung for good in Athens and has found us completeley unprepared… With 30°C degrees in town, the Athenians are writing urban history flooding the little cafés, parks and squares. Art excibitions and music festivals are just around the corner and people line up in museums and ticket stores.

While urban life is at its best, the first visits in the Greek Islands have begun and so has the swimming and playing by the beach (hooray!).

Santorini Oia

People all over the world enjoy the beauty of the Aegean and the Ionian Sea; as for the country, well the beauty is stunning as the vines are blooming and the meadows are blossoming.

Flower Sparta
Flower 1

Come the 1st of May we celebrate spring and nature. It’s been since the ancient times that spring was paid tribute. Farmers crafted wreaths with cereal and vine branches to honour Goddess Demeter of harvest, agriculture and fertility and God Dionysus of viticulture and festivity. The tradition survived the millennia to find modern Greeks congregating in the meadows around the Country, every year on the 1st of May, crafting wild flower wreaths and celebrating Spring. The wreaths are hung on every door and come June 23rd they are gathered in every borough and are put on fire, honouring saint John the Clydon (which means omen). On that day, single women is said to envision their future husband, while jumping over the burning flames.

Well enough said…

For those who cannot pour themselves out in the fields or those who just want to celebrate Spring and Nature with a colourful wreath, here’s a quick and easy project! Gather all your scrap yarn from your Winter projects, grab your crochet hook and let us celebrate the beauty of nature with this beautiful DIY spring wreath.


  • scrap yarn of different weights or just anything you have
  • crochet hook(s) matching your yarn
  • a wooden wreath (bought or handmade)
  • some flexible metal wire or twine (I prefer twine, but anything would do)
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors


The basic rose flower pattern is given below, but you can enrich the petals once you get the hang of it and have various sizes of flowers. Using chunky yarn can also give spectacular roses! Yes, I know “roses are red”, but feel free to use any yarn colour you like, even earthly colour combinations can give you a great result!

Abbreviations (US Terms)

Sc – Single Crochet
Sl St(s) – Slip Stitch(es)
Dc – Double Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
St – Stitch
Ch – Chain

Pattern Notes

The rose consists of a chain of single crochets on which we crochet 3 sets of petals: 5 large petals with 3 double crochets each, 4 medium petals with 3 half double crochets each and 3 small petals with 3 single crochets each.



SC in 3rd ch from hook and all across, turn (25 SC sts)

ch3,2dc in the same stitch, sl st in next st (this forms the first large petal), *3dc in next st, sl st in next* (4 times) (5 large petals)

*3hdc in next st, sl st in next st* 4 times (4 medium petals)

*3sc in next st, sl st in next st) 3 times (3 small petals)

Bind off, leave a 15cm tail and cut your yarn.

Take your needle and the yarn tail and sew in the back of your project to form the rose twisting it to shape.

Make as much as you can. As soon as your roses are ready, attach the twine on their back and tie them on your wooden wreath.

diy crochet wreath 1
diy spring wreath 1

I make one of these every year, along with the traditional fresh one and I trully enjoy the process. Every year has it’s own crochet wreath reminding me of the projects I undertook or designed during the Winter.

I hope you find this DIY Spring Wreath fun and creative!

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Happy Crocheting!

Love and Greetings from Athens, Greece!


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