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This Spring, we all have something in common

Spring has always been my favorite time of the year. I’m always impatient to enjoy the blooming landscape with my family and friends. We actually started enjoying the early spring windflowers and kite-flying but the joy was violently interrupted by the unwanted guest, the Corona. Though it was known to have deeply wounded China, here in Europe I think we were caught off guard.

As I write, my family and I are counting 33 days of strict quarantine. I have only been out 4 times to get some groceries for us and our parents that are completely isolated. Thank god we are all in good health so far. People in Greece were put in quarantine quite early compared to other European countries and this has kept the fatalities really low. However, the cost regarding our mental health and physical condition, especially in the big cities, is yet to be assessed.

We have tried to keep an easy-going daily routine and homeschool the kids. Hubby has set his new business up and going after many months of uncertainty. The last eight months have been the worst for me and my family. It has only been bad news and developments and just as we were beginning to get back on our feet, the pandemic pushed us back down. I have been feeling like someone is constantly dragging me underwater. What hurts me most is that Yarnistas and my creativity took the strongest blow just as we were blooming. This has been most frustrating.

Forgive my outburst. Actually, I’m pretty calm and positive. I just want this to end and get back to our normal lives. We intend to pick it up exactly from where we left it: our trip to ancient Olympia. For now, I just miss hugging my mother.

I think this is the unique time in modern history that every single human being in this planet has something in common. It’s just disappointing that it’s a fatal virus.

Well, enough said! No more sad details.

Happy crafting and STAY SAFE!

Easter Decorations Ideas

Yarny Easter eggs

A quick and easy fan project to do with your kids. You can even fill a basket of yarny eggs and keep them on your coffee table.


You will need

  • carton
  • yarn of different weights and colours
  • scissors
  • egg template (save the image below and print the template for eggs of different sizes)

Draw one or more eggs on the carton and cut the them with your scissors.

Take your egg and attach the yarn with a piece of washi tape and wrap it around the egg in different ways, alternating the direction of the yarn.

Continue wraping the yarn until you have shaped the egg and covered the carton. Cut of and with a darning needle weave in the yarn tail to secure it.

You can use all kinds of yarn, wool, fur, raffia, fancy yarns or any other scrap yarn.

Furry Little Lamb


To make the Furry Little Lamb you will need

  • carton
  • scissors
  • scrap yarn, faux fur or white, grey and bleck wooly yarn
  • the little lamb template (print out the image below or copy from screen)

Cut off the template and attach the yarn with a piece of washi tape. Wrap the yarn around the body and neck of the lamb until its fluffy and coverd. Cut of and with a darning needle weave in the yarn tail to secure it from unfolding.

Enjoy the making!

Happy and Healthy Easter!



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Love and Greetings from Athens, Greece!


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