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Upcycle with leftover yarn: A Kids-friendly DIY Project

Hello, Hello!

Spring has sprung and I’ve been working like a bee at all fronts. School, homework, sports, music, chess, books and Lego building for my 6-year-old. Theatre, music, painting and wild-life documentaries for my 3-year-old. Constant travelling for my husband (i.e. laundry, laundry, laundry). No need to even mention household work. And for me? A little bit of night crochet just to relax. I so miss my job as a business consultant some times. The business trips, the deadlines, the people, the projects, the 12 hours of work even on Sundays were much easier than my current life.

BUT I wouldn’t change a thing! When these two boys lay in my arms in the evening, exhausted but smiling, takes all of the day’s burden and fatigue and sends me to space. My 3-year-old loves me as much as the universe just because it constantly expands (his words). While my 6-year-old prefers infinity (his words also). What can I say to this? I am just grateful. I really am.

Spring comes always with reorganization and cleaning. Spring cleaning for yarn enthusiasts means stash organizing, WIP’s frogging or finishing (rarely), end of season gifts to friends and family and new stash buster WIPs to be frogged the spring to come. This year’s spring cleaning was special for me, as I enjoyed it with my boys. We tangled and untangled every ball of yarn in the house, we gave a lot of yarn to my older one’s school along with other staff to be upcycled. Actually, he used the yarn to make bracelets for every single girl in the classroom (I refuse to comment on that). We had a great time organizing their work desks too.

A Super-Quick and Easy Project to do with your Kids

Teaching kids to upcycle and recycle is a great investment for me and my family. It gives them perspective and so much food for thought. We discussed environmental issues, cheap art, creativity, imagination, charity, plus we played along with yarn.

We used tin cans and double sided tape, leftover cotton yarn, jute and washi tape and made those cute and useful pencil holders.

Their very first DIY project was a complete success and I am so proud and a bit jealous, so I used my jute and a bit of wool and cashmere tweed mix to make mine.

These simple projects can bring so much joy and can be a great opportunity to bring your kids into your life and make them feel grown, responsible and accepted in your world.

And that is what a ball of leftover yarn can do…

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Happy Crafting!

Love and Greetings from Athens, Greece!


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